Weddings – Reunions – Graduations – Backyard Parties – Company Picnics

Our refrigerated trailer with 1 to 5 taps is exactly what you need to throw the perfect party! Rental charge is for the trailer only and we will deliver to and pick-up from any location within 60* miles of Grand Haven, Michigan. Once the trailer is set up, it cannot be moved. We now offer a mobile bar with 1 to 3 taps that can be booked along with the trailer or as a stand alone.

Reserve the date, $150 non refundable deposit to reserve the date. We will invoice you for the remaining balance two weeks prior to the event.

Beer – Wine – Root Beer

Anything that comes in a keg can be dispensed from the taps in the trailer and the stand alone bar. You are responsible for the purchase of the beverages you will be dispensing from the trailer and bar. Pick-up of the pre-purchased beverages can be coordinated with Shoreline Mobile Taps, LLC if desired for a charge of $25.

Need a bartender?

Kegs are fun but beer is not for everyone! Up to 2 TIPS certified bartenders are available for hire along with your trailer or bar rental. Bartenders are $35 per bartender per hour.

But wait…there’s more!

In addition to dispensing any and all of your favorite cold beverages, the trailer doubles as storage for canned beverages, desserts, flowers and anything you want to keep cold during your event.

What comes with your trailer rental?

A refrigerated trailer with 1 to 5 taps which requires a 20 amp 110 volt outlet, a 10×10 tent, 2 2’x4’ tables and CO2.

What comes with your bar rental?

A stylish bar with wood finish and 1 to 3 taps, along with ice containers for you to help keep your beverages cool, a 10’x10′ canopy and CO2.

What’s not included in your trailer or bar rental?

The beverages and the two talented bartenders with “dad bods.” They’re extra!

Have additional questions?

Fill out our contact form and we will respond back as soon as possible.

*60 mile radius is free. $1.50 per mile outside of 60 mile radius.

View the Shoreline Mobile Taps rental agreement.